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Belt Drive Openers

Just like chain-driven openers, belt drive openers operate almost on the same principle. The operation relies on the pushing and pulling of the mechanism to the trolley to open and close the door. This type of garage door opener is usually made of polyurethane, steel-strengthened rubber or fiberglass. As a consequence, it is slightly more expensive than a chain-driven opener. However, this difference in the cost does not deter homeowners from choosing this type over chain-driven or screw-driven openers, since they are very quiet. Since, the main parts of the opener are made of non-heavy and non-metal materials, each movement of the mechanism does not generate noise, unlike chain drive openers where the chain and the sprocket rub each other, creating friction and the result is the noise of metal to metal movement.


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A belt-driven garage door opener, just like the chain-driven one, can last for a long time without having to replace its main component, the belt. Unlike the chain drive opener, where the chain loosens over time, the belt does not stretch to make the mechanism loose, and you might only need to submit it to maintenance once or twice during the door opener’s lifetime. The belt is made of durable material that can withstand years of wear and tear.


Although it is more expensive, more homeowners choose this type due to the benefit it gives them when it comes to noise reduction. Belt-driven openers are perfect for garages directly under a bedroom. Maintenance is also less hassle because there are less moving parts than a chain drive garage door opener.


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