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We all take advantage of our garage door openers, but often forget that these relatively small mechanisms need our attention in terms of maintenance and care. If you do everything right, you will enjoy a functioning and reliable opener for long time to come.Garage Door Openers in Florida

Opener Maintenance

The first step involves inspection of all components from the safety sensors to the motor unit. Remember to check the wiring carefully. Test the safety sensors and the reversal mechanism. Chain drive and screw drive openers require lubrication. You have to lubricate all areas where friction occurs between the chain/rod, trolley and rail. The ideal lubricant should be resistant to temperature fluctuations. The travel limits have to be adjusted if necessary. In case you find a damaged component, timely repair is required.

Motor Repair

The motor unit includes a circuit board and a set of moving gears as well as the motor itself. The main moving gear is most vulnerable to wearing and damage. If it gets broken, you will hear an odd grinding sound. The component has to be replaced straight away. If the motor or the circuit board fails, replacement is typically the most effective solution. Gladly, such issues occur rarely.

Security Plus Remote

This type of remote is designed to be used with LiftMaster openers. It is not a universal remote. It has rolling code technology, which changes the access code automatically after every operation of the opener. The most common issue affecting this device is battery draining. In this case, you simply have to replace the batteries. If you lose the remote, you must get a new one as soon as possible and ensure that the missing one will no longer work to start the operator.

Opener Replacement

When there is one faulty component, the electric operator can typically be fixed and continue working as usual. However, when there are several serious issues or the device is too old or outdated, it will require replacement. When choosing a new opener, you have to keep in mind that the chain drive units are the most durable, the belt drive ones are the least noisy and the screw drive ones are the fastest. There are both traditional AC motor and innovative DC ones that allow for smoother operation and use less power.  

If you need opener repair, replacement or maintenance services, give us a call! We at Garage Door Repair Safety Harbor have many years of experience in working with such devices and keep up to date with the latest technologies too. We work with all brands without exception.

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