Garage Door Repair Safety Harbor
Garage Door Repair Safety Harbor
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If you’ve been having trouble lifting your garage door recently, there may be an answer in our FAQ page below where our team of experts answers many of today’s common garage door problems.

My garage door is making noises. What does this mean?

Garage door repair company in Harbor suggests the use of noise to diagnose problems. Your garage door might need a tune-up, which includes various processes from inspecting hinges, rollers, bearings, track and sections to lubricating moving parts and tightening nuts and bolts.

Why is my garage door not opening completely?It stops halfway

Your door opener might need lubricating or the force needs adjustment. The door might not be balanced which adds stress to the opener. The rollers need to be lubricated, so check them and lubricate. A silicon spray can also be used. Do not spray in the track but in the axles.

What are the advantages of aluminum garage doors?

Aluminum garage doors work pretty much like steel garage doors, but they are extremely lightweight compared to the other materials. But they are less durable and less sturdy. Aluminum is also prone to dents and damages. However, there are sturdier frames of these aluminum doors with dent-resistance and laminated panels.

My garage door won't open or close with the remote control. What's wrong?

There can be several possible solutions to this problem. Of course, check the batteries, but also try moving closer to make sure you're not out of range. Check the lock button on the wall switch to see if it's locked and make sure the antenna on the motor unit is hanging straight down. If you're still having a problem, give our experts a call and we will diagnose the problem and take care of it promptly.

Garage Door Repair Safety Harbor

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